Posted 2 hours ago

Cotton candy grapes. And yes they do taste like cotton candy! Made from old fashioned plant breeding #nomnomnom

Posted 9 hours ago

@gabino_alba from yesterday: yes I know what an owl looks like. I have several in my home #owlsarecool

Posted 18 hours ago

In the basement of our building… #threateningsigns

Posted 20 hours ago

National Dog Day post: our Luna. We couldn’t take her with us when me moved and couldn’t find her a new home by the time we moved so we took her back to the shelter. We found out last week that she was adopted by a family and she has a nice sized yard to play in now.

Posted 4 days ago

Move along people! Nothing to see here #shadymaple

Posted 4 days ago

Puppets! #shadymaple

Posted 4 days ago

Mask #shadymaple

Posted 4 days ago

Giant chicken tee anyone? #shadymaple

Posted 4 days ago

She put my lunch bag on her head and it reminded me if this.

Posted 4 days ago

Duck hieroglyph at the Penn Museum. #Egyptian